MSMN1103 Principles of Teaching - Lab (08/31/2017-11/16/2017)

MSMN1301 Bible Study Methods (Distance Education) 3 OM  
MSMN1302 Principles of Biblical Teaching 3 M  
Course Memo
A practicum to apply Bible Study Methods and Principles of Biblical Teaching by presenting three prepared lessons in class with constructive evaluation from the instructor. Each student will teach one lesson from both the Old and New Testaments and a biographical lesson from a man or woman of the Bible. Due to the importance of class participation in every session of this course, late registration is not permitted for this class. This class was formerly MS403: Principles of Teaching Lab. Required Prerequisite: MSMN 1302.
Course Section Description
Class limited to 12 students. Required Prerequisite MSMN 1301 Bible Study Methods and MSMN 1302 Principles of Biblical Teaching. Class starts one week late.

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